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URC is a leading expert on consumer experience investigation in China and a pioneer in retail management research. Founded in 1996, United Research China Group engages in all aspects of research area of consumer experience, retail, mobile survey etc. URC Group owns three subsidiaries in China, there are Beijing Zhilian Bi Da consulting Ltd, Shanghai Bi Yi consulting Ltd, Shanghai Bi Xiang Technology Ltd. In 2018, URC established Yougu Zhi Guang (Shanghai) market research Ltd. which is a joint venture with YouGov, a well reputed European market research company.
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We Offers timely high quality research on China as well as global consumers.

In the accumulation of more than 10 years consumer surveys together with resource from the European leading research company YouGov, we are able to offer you timely on-line solution on global base. There are 43 markets consumer data around the world open to meet your needs in discovering consumer insights.
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We deliver in-depth study on Mobile Internet in which reveals overall perspective trend of consumer behavior and approach.

The panoramic research of consumer, technology and mobile Internet is a large-scale national survey conducted by URC strategic alliance, which integrates three aspects of technology product consumption, technological development and internet business. The study provides in-depth data mining values and insight for related industries. The study covers four aspects of media, scientific intelligence, mobile Internet industry and life trend. For a clear understanding of mobile behavior and trends, the analysis report split by 24 industries and 38 behavioral groups. This study is a 8 years consecutive survey with rich comparative data over years, it has been attracted the attention of marketing and industry insiders. The latest 2020 report is coming out and pre-orders are available.
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Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder

I would like to express my gratitude to all those at United Research China who got involved in our Mystery Shopping program in the past year.
Grateful acknowledgement is made to Ms.
Diana Liu and her team who gave us considerable help by means of valuable suggestion, comments and recommendation.
Her unwavering support has sustained my team through our MS program development in China.
I deeply appreciate the contribution to our mystery shopping program made in various ways by URC.

A Customer

A Customer

Thanks. It is very good information to improve the customer satisfaction for us.



Thank you for providing this update.
I had the opportunity to meet Eva Lin at COB last week and she was well informed about URC’s performance and was pleased with your services.
I very much appreciate you and your team proactively keeping the McDonald’s team informed — it makes a very large difference to the overall dredibilty of our mystery shop program!


Anta Sports
Estee Lauder