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Beauty Care

Beauty Care

Since 2006, entrusted by a famous international cosmetics enterprise, URC has conducted research on mystery shopper brand experience research for serval brands in its group. The research investigates brands’ cosmetics stores / counters in more than 100 cities.

This brand experience research aims to comprehensively understand the true feelings of customers and the true performance of marketing network, and effectively control the implementation of service standards in marketing channels, so as to effectively improve the brand image and increase corporate profits.

According to the assignment of the project, URC has developed an online system platform to effectively control the recruitment, training and feedback of experience results of mystery customers. Through the recruitment system platform, URC recruits real / potential consumers who are in line with the brand’s cosmetics positioning as experience specialists. Through the training system, it ensures that mystery customers who enter the experience stage strictly meet the project requirements.

URC guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of mystery customer experience through recording, video recording, photos, instant online feedback of questionnaire and other means. Through targeted questionnaire design, URC conducts comprehensive experience and real evaluation on the environment, service process, service attitude and other aspects of the store / counter.

Through this project, URC helps clients understand the real situation of marketing channels, improves the service performance of front-line sales staff, and improves customers’ counter experience and customer satisfaction. The project is highly recognized by the client.

The number of brands served by URC in the industry continues to increase, nowadays, there already have more than 40 brands / competing products covered by the project research.

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