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The Internet

The Internet

Every innovation of Internet technology is no longer a one-man show of the Internet industry, but is related to the marketing pulse of all industries. With the advent of 5G era, do you need to know the changes of Internet users’ behaviors? Our research allows you to reveal the future trends from the user’s perspective.

The Research on mobile phone user behavior is a large-scale study conducted by online sampling. It is a sample quota of mobile phone users aged from 15 to 65 years old in 1-3 cities in China according to their gender and age groups. The research report is divided into 8 subjects in 4 aspects, 24 types and details of Internet industry, and analysis of mobile phone use behavior of 38 groups. This research is a continuous annual survey conducted by authoritative domestic academic institutions for research implementation and statistical analysis.

The research results have a high reference value for the exploration of mobile phone user behavior, marketing strategy formulation and activity planning.

  • Brand image research: is there any change in brand perception ranking and usage ranking? Is the brand image of mobile phone rapidly improving or declining? Does the brand image in consumers’ mind improve?
  • Big screen trends: what do consumers care about when choosing a phone? What is the basic perception of the big screen? Why a bigger screen? Where are the boundaries of the big screen?
  • Traditional operators and 5G research: will 5G mobile take the lead and change the pattern?
  • Virtual operator research: what is the market perception of virtual operators? How many people are willing to change the virtual carrier phone number? How many of them are willing to change their phones? Will the attraction of virtual operators break the traditional carrier model?
  • Mobile research: how do people use phones and tablets? What is the future of mobile terminal?

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