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User experience is directly related to product sales and long-term value creation. URC experience research finds out the key factors that affect sales.

URC has comprehensive solutions in terms of project execution capacity, data control and service response in which perfectly solve most difficulties of retail research projects lie in wide coverage, tight timeline and high quality.

Brand is the lifeblood of the enterprise. Healthy brand brings continuous revenue growth for the enterprise. URC's brand health research system helps you well manage brand health.

Our joint venture YouGov-URC shares advantage resources from YouGov, a well-known global market research and data company. We can address fast operation to quickly deliver clients' needs catering to domestic markets or markets outside China.

Inherit from our substantial retail research experience, our technology product VM is an intelligent platform to offer function in virtual monitoring of retail store exhibition and store display management, in which greatly helping improve retail experience quality, and significantly saving time and money in retail management.


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