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Brand Health Management

Brand is the lifeblood of the enterprise. Healthy brand brings continuous revenue for the enterprise. URC’s brand health research system helps you well manage brand health.

URC’s unique brand health management system is different from the traditional brand health survey. You can use the benefits provided by our innovative research framework to identify opportunities for the healthy development of the brand, and to apply appropriate remedies to improve the brand health:

  • We conduct a holistic assessment for a brand. Aside from traditional brand loyalty index analysis, more importantly, we have integrated the deep understanding of customer experience, the perception of brand reputation and the feeling of consumer attitude into the structure.

  • Combined with the analysis of experience and health index, we found that the brand health index is an innovation of URC brand health management research technology, and the health index guides the direction of brand development.

Purchase intention

  • Buying interest: I will buy this product of the brand in the future

  • Willingness to recommend: I recommend this brand more than any others

  • Premium acceptance: I prefer to pay more for this brand than other brands

Emotional link

  • Brand identity: I identify with this brand more than any others

  • Brand trust: I trust this brand more than any others

  • Brand stickness: I would miss this brand more than any other brand if it were no longer in the market

  • Brand preference: I like this brand better than others

Brand loyalty

  • Brand quality: this brand's products are of higher quality than other brands

  • Uniqueness: this brand's products are different from other brands

  • Brand popularity: this brand is more popular than others

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