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Consumer Experience Research

Do you interested in understanding whether your retail SOP is implemented accurately and if your service quality for consumers is successfully delivered?

If the retail management system you carefully designed and built cannot meet the service standards, it will seriously affect the sales of goods, as well as the transfer of brand image and product knowledge. URC mystery customer rating system can solve your problem.

We collect and record the timely information and feedback of customer experience from your retail system through our trained mystery customers, and then we evaluate the implementation results of every link of SOP to translate valuable suggestion for improvements.

The benefits of URC’s Mystery shoppers evaluation system can support you:

  • Examine the results of each step of SOP and evaluate the completeness and rationality of your planned service process.

  • Regular trend report, which serves as an early warning, helps you to start the adjustment of continuous optimization for the indicators falling behind or deviating from the standard, maintain the SOP process at the level required by you, and ensure the quality of the company’s services.

  • Demonstrate the results of the company’s channel management KPI.

  • Establish the direction of retail training and effective allocation of training resources.

The advantages of URC's mystery customer experience evaluation system

You can obtain sop-based service experience evaluation results through comparative analysis with potential competitors. Through URC's mystery customer experience research, you will gain the following advantages:

  • Obtain competitive product service experience information to enhance brand service competitiveness.

  • Understanding potential customers' shopping experience to adjust a better arrangement for innovative solutions.

  • Acquire KPI evaluation of your sales team, to help them optimizing service process.

  • Guiding a timely improvement for store service with promptly daily training work.

How do we fulfill our promise to solve problems for you

  • Resources commitment: according to your needs, we have more than 200,000 mystery shoppers in more than 600 cities across the country, and arrange qualified ones with your channels and products attributes to perform tasks.

  • Guaranteed quality: URC have ever conducted over 300 projects, and well establish standard procedures for various kinds of retails, we are experienced in design one to meet your SOP and channel needs.

  • Timely reporting: we provide multiple multi-dimensional reports that can show the results of experience evaluation at a glance and help you clarify the problem immediately.

  • Technical support: our experience evaluation system platform allows you to timely grasp the evaluation results and trends.

Why is our customer experience evaluation system worthy of your trust?

The research management process of URC is equipped with our efficient project management platform, so that you can clearly understand every step of our progress.

What are the benefits of Real customer experience research and innovation?

If you want to predict future opportunities or find out the feelings of consumers outside the existing SOP framework, URC's real customer experience system can fully meet your needs and answer how you can improve the competitiveness of retail services.

URC's customer experience research is an innovative research service that comprehensively detects and collects feedback from the perspective of consumer experience.

In addition to helping you detect SOP, this service can also link customer experience with retail services, quickly find the key experience links to sales, important elements, optimize resources, and driving a higher angle in service management.

  • Real customer experience system directly links retail service results with customer experience, directly aim for finding direction of service improvement to support you with the most relevant insights for making marketing strategies.

  • Experience evaluation can identify key links and key elements. It will help you arrange better resource in key area to get a notable raise of return for your marketing investment.

  • Insight into customers' feelings and evaluation in the experience is keen to support the experience design and optimize SOP from the beginning.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction is related to the continuous growth of enterprises. URC's customer satisfaction system can help you convey customers' cognition and evaluation of the services provided by enterprises. The evaluation we examine can involve stakeholders in all aspects of business operations, including the most direct consumers of products, employees and suppliers that are closely related to the development of enterprises.

Identify weaknesses in services:

Identify the weak links in the process of consumer services in time, take targeted improvement measures to maintain the advanced quality of services.

Establish a regular supervision system:

Establish a regular supervision system for the service quality of employees to help employees and enterprises further grow.

Optimize corporate image:

In the process of ensuring customer satisfaction, increase the communication between each other, get to know passengers more and more, and establish a good brand reputation image.

Harmonious service relationship:

Quality service is the basis of building harmonious enterprise and harmonious consumption relationship.


Satisfaction is a kind of overall feeling. URC satisfaction research will start from every real moment / instant feeling (experience) of actual consumers' feeling and evaluation of service, which directly forms consumers' satisfaction with service and influences their actual behavior in the future.

URC is dedicated to designing research solutions for specific theme activities or project requirements of customers, providing clients with suggestions from data collection and interpretation to implementation.

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