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Government Services

Government Services

We have long been providing research services to support the policy development, implementation as well as government services projects for government functional departments, enterprises and institutions.

Government is increasing needs for policy implementation evaluation and delivering better quality. The government projects we undertook include three types: citizen service satisfaction, quality evaluation of counter service, and special enterprise census.

The important task of completing the government project research is mainly based on our strong interviewer network quickly address needs, the precise and perfect work process as well as questionnaire quality management and inspection system.

Citizen service satisfaction

  • Research on service satisfaction of public service counter
  • Studies on culture, education, medical and health care, food hygiene, environmental protection and living environment satisfaction
  • Consumer price and travel satisfaction research
  • Satisfaction evaluation and research of government policies, laws and regulations

Quality evaluation of counter service

  • Service quality evaluation of government functional sectors such as industry and commerce, taxation, public security, procuratorate and court
  • Power company, water supply company, gas company, communication company and other large state-owned enterprises service monitoring
  • Research on difficulties in urban and rural residents’ life such as medical treatment, travel, employment and schooling

Special Enterprise census research

  • Population sampling survey, household registration survey, migrant population survey, and citizen moving survey
  • Financial enterprise talent census, enterprise social security survey, enterprise directory verification census
  • Research on the implementation of Red Cross policies and humanitarian assistance
  • Feedback and research on the effect of government activities

In the past, we have completed a number of research projects on different types of needs of government sectors. We work closely with our partners and capable of handling any difficult challenge task of tremendous sample size.

  • Quality check of census and sample survey (Beijing Xicheng and Chaoyang bureau of statistics)
  • Investigation on the implementation of the state’s new policy and regulation on corporate dispatching (Shanghai people’s insurance bureau)
  • Survey on living environment and satisfaction of migrant population (Shanghai bureau of statistics)
  • Survey on traffic conditions of citizens (Shanghai bureau of statistics)
  • Shanghai federation of industry and commerce website satisfaction survey (Shanghai government sector of industry and commerce)
  • Food safety survey (Shanghai bureau of statistics)
  • Investigation on redirection and resettlement of owners of seafood market relocation stores in Tongchuan road (Putuo district bureau of statistics)
  • Investigation on the independent equipment of the Red Cross in the health service station of the neighborhood committee (Shanghai Red Cross society)
  • Shanghai enterprise directory inspection (Shanghai economic census center)
  • Satisfaction survey of funding for major diseases (Shanghai Red Cross society)
  • Evaluation and survey of fraternity home (Shanghai Red Cross society)
  • Survey on current situation of financial talents (Shanghai finance office)

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