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URC Innovation

Founded in 1996, URC is the first company to introduce mystery customer research into China. Faced with the characteristics of wide geographical area, diverse population and accurate quality of brand experience evaluation service, we took the lead in setting up an independent technology department in 2009, independently developing the management platform, and realizing the high standard and process-based service system of management and service delivery. As long as more than 10 years of continuous service with McDonald’s, Estee Lauder Group and a large number of high-end brands such as triumph international company we have accumulated more than 150,000 consumers brand experience of the living repository. Our investment in technology innovation based on the mobile APP, H5 page enable us to offer online data collection, analysis services platform, standardization of brand experience evaluation system, professional ability of data mining and automatically reporting applications services.

Into the mobile Internet era, with the rise of big data applications, we keep up the pace, continue around the brand experience research as the core strategic positioning. We devote efforts to innovative products concerning brand consumer experience index and upgrades services in semantical analysis, brand health management etc. We firmly believe that in the great wave of experience economy, brand experience research service will become the core decision-making factor for brands to win the online and offline business, we will continue to provide professional brand experience research services for our respected clients and support them intensively listen to customers’ voice to find out the key value of business growth.

URC Innovation

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