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United Research China Ltd.

Founded in 1996, United Research China Group engages in all aspects of research area of consumer experience, retail, mobile survey etc. URC Group owns three subsidiaries in China, there are Beijing Zhilian Bi Da consulting Ltd, Shanghai Bi Yi consulting Ltd, Shanghai Bi Xiang Technology Ltd.

URC has rich experience in research concerning brand experience, mystery customer, retail performance and specialized research, and has been committed to providing customers with experience ecological research services, and constantly explore the ways of market research innovation. URC pays attention to the combination and innovation of traditional market research methods and new science and technology. It takes the lead in applying Internet technology and its own service platform to achieve synchronization with similar international research technologies and docking with international consumes, so as to provide clients with the honest and rigorous services.

URC is a member of China Marketing Research Association, standing director of the branch of China Association of Market Information and Research, the first group of a research institution of foreign investigation in China, a member of ESOMAR, and member of the earliest international mystery shopper association (MSPA) in China.

Mr. Davis Wu, one of the founders and chairman of URC, began to devote himself to market research in the 1980s and was one of the pioneers of market research in China. The first the first commercial market research company (GMR) was established by Mr. Wu in 1988. In 1992, he set up and lead he first joint venture market research institution, Guangzhou Asia Pacific market research Ltd. (SRG), which is the “predecessor of AC Nielsen (China) company”.

  • Vice President of China Marketing Research Association
  • Vice President of China Association of Market Information and Research
  • ICB Master of service design and experience strategy, Hong Kong University
  • Master of business administration, South China University of technology
  • Awarded the “Special Contribution Award for the Association Development” from CMRA in November 2017
  • Awarded “ICB outstanding alumni for his outstanding achievement in entrepreneurship and innovation” in 2016 Hong Kong University

Company Core Value

Connect with experience value to create a proactive mutual growth

Company positioning

Provide research services to comprehend the holistic custom experience values


  1. 2018

    Established a JV company with YouGov, a leading European research company. Integrating international research resources, we extend capability to offer more rapid solutions for Chinese enterprises to support their market expansion outside China. We success in building modeling of China customer experience index and has been successfully completed the market experiments which would lead our experience research innovation into a new mileage.

  2. 2015

    The Experience Research division and Retail Research division were established, As the two directions of experience research and Retail research were determined adhere a significant progress in related professional analysis and high efficient management tools were developed.

  3. 2014

    Obtained and Restructured Shanghai Bi Xiang Technology Ltd. The new acquisition perfectly integrating market research skills with mobile Internet technology achieved better and faster improvement for service our clients in data collection from purchase channels.

  4. 2011

    The company’s performance and scale have continuously achieved new peaks in history. The two major businesses of brand experience and channel performance research have formed the two major business pillars of the company, and become the core research products with core competitiveness of the company, and have made new breakthroughs in the research direction of shoppers.

  5. 2007

    To determine the transformation of traditional research business types, to create a new brand experience-oriented mystery customer detection design. Together with innovative channel performance research become two major core business.

  6. 2005

    In order to adapt to the new marketing era, URC puts forward a new development strategy of brand experience value-added research and explores new research businesses.

  7. 2004

    Shanghai URC has formed a joint venture company in China with IMS Health, the world’s leading information and solutions provider for the pharmaceutical and Health industries, and completed the merger and acquisition portfolio of IMS-URC. URC achieved the historical peak sales in the year.

  8. 1999

    Beijing branch was established, and the business covering the whole country was fully developed. Shanghai URC pharmaceutical retail research covered nearly 20 major cities in China.

  9. 1998

    Shanghai branch (SHURC), a holding subsidiary, was established to focus on and successfully develop Chinese pharmaceutical retail research, making it a product with core competitiveness of the company. SHURC has gradually become a leading professional market research company of medicine and health in China.

  10. 1996-1997

    In April 1996, URC was reorganized and established in Guangzhou. After overcoming many difficulties in the start-up stage, URC rapidly doubled its business in 1997 and gained a firm foothold.

We love research and start up understanding experience for every project

Davis Wu

We love to conduct rigorous and honest research, listen to the voice of consumers, from the insight of consumers’ behavior experience, to find the key highlights of our brand customers’ success, help them achieve extraordinary achievements, and enjoy the fun.

Joanne Liu

No one loves the complexity of data as much as we do. By using innovative tools and professional system research and development, we make the truth of customer experience clear and clear, and make customer input valuable.

Yao Gao

We treat each sampling with the same care, and we know exactly what it costs to contaminate a tank of water with ring bacteria. Integrity is our URC people’s only criterion.

Aaron Hou

Solving customer problems is the ultimate pursuit of our work value. In this pursuit, we enjoy the fun brought by experience research. The word of mouth of URC spreads because our customers understand the original purpose of our service.

Susan Wang

We love the fun of insight research, which allows us to maintain our curiosity and drive for innovation to discover consumer ideas and the key to business success.

Lily Ji

We know the importance of every data, truth is our only standard, your trust is our infinite power!

Allen Xiao

We use enthusiasm, professional connection and transmission of every brand service solid, professional and valuable! In the era of experience economy driven by digital marketing, we will face the pain points of every brand development together with you to explore the hidden trend of data and insight into the value of brand experience!

Wheaty Mai

We always try our best to output high quality data to customers, and make data value-added is our constant pursuit.

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