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Clothing Fashion

Clothing Fashion

Our services in clothing fashion is mainly started from the commission of a multinational sports brand. URC conducts mystery customer testing on its more than 100 stores in 30 cities in China. Our solution aims to help clients to support comprehensively improve service quality, enhance the market competitiveness of the sports brand, and improve customer satisfaction.

The mystery shoppers has passed URC’s strict selection and training, and the mystery shoppers are the real / potential consumer group of the brand, which is in line with the brand’s market positioning.

To guarantee the authenticity and validity of mystery shopper tests and meet the objectives of research, URC consults our experienced standards from analogous stores and conduct a research design according to the characteristics of the brand service process and stores. it covers the specific implementation process, the design of the questionnaire and quality control procedure and collect evidence through audio, video, photographs etc.

The test results of this project are also part of the company’s store KPI assessment index, which has been widely recognized and praised by clients and their stores.

In addition to sports brands, we have been serving international women’s underwear brands for 10 years more.

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