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Privacy Policy

Following are privacy rules for the website ( and their operating company, United Research China Ltd. (collectively, "the website"). Users must carefully read and agree to the privacy rules before becoming users of the website. As part of the normal operating procedures of the website services, the website collects, USES and (in some cases) discloses information about users to third parties. The privacy rules, which are attached to the service agreement of the website, shall take effect immediately after the user registers as a user of the website and shall be binding on the user and the website.

Personal data

This website can access our website and obtain information anonymously. Before we ask you for information, we will explain the purpose of this information. Some of our sites require registration to join. This site automatically tracks certain information about users based on their behavior on the site's web site. This site USES this information to conduct internal research on the demographics, interests, and behaviors of its users in order to better understand them and to provide better services to users and the user community of the site. This website USES data collection devices such as "Cookies" on certain pages of this website. "Cookies" are small files set on the user's hard drive to assist us in providing customized services to the user. This site also provides certain features that are only available through the use of Cookies. The site also USES "Cookies" to reduce the number of times a user enters a password over a period of time. Cookies may also assist the site in providing information tailored to the user's interests.

The use of users' information on this website

User agrees to this web site can be used on the user's personal information (including but not limited to this web site holds information about the user's archives, and from this web site users currently or previously acquired by the activities of the other information in this web site) to resolve the dispute, to mediate disputes, helps to ensure that security trading, in this web site and implement this web site user agreement. In some cases, the website may investigate multiple users to identify problems or resolve disputes. In particular, the website may review user profiles to distinguish users who use multiple user names or aliases. In order to limit fraudulent, illegal or other criminal activities on the website and protect the website from harm, users voluntarily agree that the website may verify users' personal data through manual or automatic procedures.

The disclosure of users' information by this website

The website will use industry standard practices to protect users' personal data, but due to technical limitations, the website cannot ensure that all users' personal communications and other personal data will not be disclosed through channels not specified in this privacy rule. The website is obliged to provide users' personal data to judicial organs and government departments in accordance with relevant laws.

User's use of other user's data

In the transaction activities provided by the website, users have no right to ask the website to provide personal data of other users.


Users shall not use the services provided by the website or other E-mail forwarding services to send spam or other content that may violate the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, social ethics and the user agreement or privacy rules of the website. The website will not be used for any purpose other than to use the email address to send users' emails. This site does not rent or sell these email addresses. This site does not permanently store email information or email addresses.

Security of account information

The user must be responsible for all actions taken by the user with the user name, password, registered email address and other security Settings on the website. Therefore, the website is not obliged to keep the user's registration information.

The rules change

The website may from time to time modify the privacy rules in accordance with users' opinions and the needs of the website to accurately reflect the website's data collection and disclosure practices.