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Visual Management System

Inherit from our substantial retail research experience, our technology product VM is an intelligent platform to offer function in virtual monitoring of retail store exhibition and store display management, in which greatly helping improve retail experience quality, and significantly saving time and money in retail management.


VM the technical product of intelligent store management platform designed and developed by URC, has been serving international fashion brands for many years. This service solves the problem that customers invest a lot of money and time to manage the display, activity arrangement and experience layout of stores nationwide. Through the service of the platform, you can solve the complex problems of managing the visual display of stores and achieve the purpose of perfectly connecting the brand with consumers.

Our VM solution is suitable for enterprises with unified management of store display, promotion, material scene and other visual experience images, material application, and prop maintenance application management needs.

Scope of application

Using VM store intelligent management platform, you can:

  • Realize an interactive closed loop of information push of electronic material, distribution of display manuals and feedback of field display.

  • Use workflow to actualize electronic material and maintenance application, review and supplier operation.

  • Integrate enterprise network information database, complete network display and material management information data, and use precipitation data for information analysis.

  • Improve the efficiency of network management, reduce the frequency of flight inspection and reduce the cost of enterprises through electronic information interactive closed loop.

  • Increase communication efficiency through unified workflow, and reduce communication costs.

  • Fast connect to WeChat public account and service account with its identity security, account bounding ,data encrypted transmission, storage in enterprise server and database.

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