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Retail Performance Management

Are the budget you put on the Retail channel well arranged?
Do you properly find out the retail shopping districts?

URC retail research system is an objective reflection from the retail issues concerning product displays, shopping moving line, shopping districts, store owners, agents to consumers to help you fully understand the status of retail performance and the comparable competitors situation. The status quo can more fully assess diagnostic performance of the outstanding problems, mining the key problem, targeted at the scene of the terminal performance and recognition of each link.

Most difficulties of retail projects lie in wide coverage, tight timeline and high quality requirements (directly related to costs). URC has comprehensive solutions in terms of project execution capacity, data control and service response.

Execution capability:

  • We build up an adequate resource base of visitors, easily activate in action

  • We set up a standardized investigating training process

  • We have accumulated success cases by conducts a plenty of similar projects

  • For a longer period of time in Retail implementation, URC build up active experienced interviewers over 600 in china, is capable of handling retail performance survey for over 33 provincial regions and 600 more cities in China

Data quality:

  • We have developed a newly data platform, allows interviewers transfer data from survey stores

  • Our experienced team address strict and standardized workflow to assure data quality

  • Special solutions for audit projects such as these activities

Quick response:

  • Weekly report on monthly implementation

  • Personalized complaint feedback platform

  • In-depth mining of complaint contents

Rigorous working process

URC on channel performance research has formed a rigorous process from the recruitment, training, interview scheduling, fieldwork, questionnaire QC, evidence material upload, customer feedback to data report. Take advantage of our specialized platform, we ensure every project implemented effectively and efficiently.

Proprietary Platform

  • Quality control system: The function is designed to check the logic of questionnaire respondence and inspect all evidence after uploading automatically.

  • Reporting system: It allows clients to access anytime to understanding project status and data results in time. Clients is able to manage data authority according to their organization and staff position. Meanwhile, the perspective can be preset according to the data report, providing direct material for the customer's own reporting work.

  • Feedback system: feedback system is a friendly and convenient online platform for client to access to view raw data, evidence photos, recording evidence and other information of the verification results. So as to URC's project supervisor can rectify issues as long as receiving clients' feedback within 24 hours.

Data mining

Our data mining system is benefit to discover significant findings to support improvement in retail management. The results generated from dynamic analysis and constantly comparison between region, time, SKU, category and competitive products.

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